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What is a WeeWorld Ambassador?

WeeWorld Ambassadors are exceptional WeeMees who are there to guide the community and offer support from their own experiences of making friends and playing WeeWorld. They are also there to report WeeMees who break the rules. You can recognize Ambassadors by their exclusive WeeWorld badge.

How do I become a WeeWorld Ambassador?

The WeeWorld team looks for new ambassadors every few weeks. Ambassadors’ actions should speak for themselves. Being friendly, showing people around and understanding our safety information is important. WeeMees who share passwords or bully other people will not make it through the selection process.

What’s the Red Carpet Club?

Are you an expert at making new friends? Red Carpet Club WeeMees must have a flair and attitude to make new WeeMees feel right at home. If you’re contacted about the Ambassador recruitment process, you may also be entered into the Red Carpet Club selection process.