Asset of the Week No.32!

It's Asset of the Week time again, and this week it's Lolaziz's "You're weird. I like it" hoodie, straight from her very own wardrobe! 

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Have you been in the brand new chat room in World yet? If not, why not?! It's awesome! Watch your fave music videos (and maybe the odd fail video, heehee) on a larger screen while talking to your friends.

If you have been in, what do you think? Do you like the vids we picked? If you have any suggestions of what you'd like to see, why not head on over to Facebook and let us know :)

We've fixed any problems you might have been experiencing with the videos not playing, so go in, have fun, maybe dance!

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Asset of the Week No.31!

It's Cheezydude's turn for Asset of the Week this week, so become one with nature, put down your shampoo and grow some dreadlocks!

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We've been changing some important things to do with The Shop, including how you spend your Green and Gold on all your favorite assets. Because of these changes, we've had to change the Free store to the 5 Points and Under store, hopefully only for a short time! To make up for this change, we're giving you 50 Green when you go check out the new Store, so get snoopin'!

5 & Under Store

WeeWorld's Got Talent!


You guys are a talented bunch, aren't you?! We come across some brilliant videos, pics and other types of creative stuff you guys do with your WeeMees and WeeWorld. And we'd like to start showing it off! So why not share with us anything you've made to show your love for all things WeeWorld! Tag us on Facebook, direct message us on Twitter, hashtag us on Instagram! Just get our attention, and we'll share your work with thousands of people all over the world!

So get creating!

Here's something to get your creative juices going. Thanks to coolestgurlukno12, and all her friends featured in the video, of which there are too many to mention! We love 'Uptown Funk', and now there's WeeMees involved, we love it even more! :)

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