Fame Game - New prizes!

Fame Game

Great news guys, the Fame Game is about to get all new prizes!!! As of 10/28/2015, not only does the winner win BIG but everyone who makes the final also gets a share of the loot! How cool is that? Check below for the full list of prizes.

1st place - 5000 gold points + 1-month VIP guest pass

2nd place - 1000 gold points + 2-week VIP guest pass

3rd place - 500 gold points + 2-week VIP guest pass

4th to 10th place - 1 week VIP guest pass

So what are you waiting for? ENTER FOR FREE NOW!

Please note that cheaters will NOT be tolerated. If we detect that you are using anything to gain an unfair advantage, you will be disqualified.

Demi Lovato Covers Take Me to Church

Get ready to be blown away - Demi Lovato performed a cover of Hozier's hit song "Take Me to Church" on the BBC Live Lounge last week, and as we all know Demi is a vocal powerhouse, so she takes this emotional hit song to new heights!


Asset of the Week No.44!


newyorkgurl is this week's Asset of the Week winner, so head to the store now and grab these awesome Galaxy Glasses! Comment on our Facebook page for your chance to win next week!

Wow! Our 2nd WeeMee reaches level 1000!

sassy level 1000

Wow!! We've had our 2nd WeeMee reach level 1000! Big congrats to sasssygrl09 on this huge achievement. Will you be next?!

Asset of the Week No.43!

Thanks to princesslollipops for this week's Asset, an awesome tree swing! So grab it in store now and get swinging!

Comment over on Facebook to get your suggestion as Asset of the Week next week!

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