Justin turned 18

Justin turns 18Justin Bieber celebrated his 18th birthday on Thursday. And, when he appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres show,’ he got a crazy expensive electric sports car as a present. ZOMG!

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Katy hearts football

Katy hearts footballKaty Perry performed at a pre-Super Bowl party & dedicated 1 of her songs to the 1 & only, Tim Tebow.

Did you catch Katy at the Super Bowl? She was in the stands rooting on BOTH teams!

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Fan Club WeeMee: Simon Cowell

Fan Clun WeeMees: Simon CowellSimon Cowell can be a cranky critic. But lucky for us, he helped discover Carrie Underwood & Jennifer Hudson. Plus, watching him on TV is super fun. You NEVER know what he’s going to say next! What’s your fave Simon moment?

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Fan Club WeeMees: Ryan Sheckler vs Shaun White

Fan Clun WeeMees: Ryan Sheckler vs Shaun WhiteLove extreme sports & the X Games? Then you probably love pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler & pro snowboarder Shaun White! When they’re not ripping up all sorts of terrain, Ryan & Shaun run their own cool clothing lines. These dudes are hardcore, but which boarder is your fave?

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Fan Club WeeMees: Amanda Seyfried vs Emma Stone

Fan Club WeeMees: Amanda Seyfried vs Emma StoneAmanda Seyfried & Emma Stone are 2 of the hottest actresses around! Both leading ladies have proven that they can handle comedy & drama, no sweat. They’re crazy talented! But which is your fave; ‘Red Riding Hood’ star Amanda or ‘Easy A’ star Emma?

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