VIP Summer of GIFTS!

This Summer, it's even sweeter to be a VIP! You'll get DOUBLE the amount of FREE gifts each month. Cool, right? What makes it even better is that your FREE GIFTS are coming from our brand NEW WeeWorld collection!

See what you'll get for FREE when you join WeeWorld's elite VIP team.

Be a VIP & get FREE gifts!

Cash cards = FREE VIP!

VAL14 cards

WeeMees, did you know that if you redeem any WeeWorld cash card, you will receive 4 weeks FREE VIP access?! Not only that, but if you redeem a card in February, you'll also get an awesome FREE Valentines gift. Get that cash card and feel the love!

Note: This is a 1-time VIP offer. If you've previously redeemed a cash card, you will only receive the free gift.

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Fame Game - Valentines edition


Love is in the air at WeeWorld! We love WeeMees so much that if you win the Fame Game on Feb 5th or Feb 12th 2014, you will receive an extra 5,000 GOLD and 2 weeks of FREE VIP access!

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Play Jobs & WIN a VIP pass

Play Jobs & WIN a VIP pass

If you're itching to try out our new VIP experience, you can snag it for FREE when you play Jobs and spin the prize wheel. Try your luck & see if you can WIN a VIP pass for your WeeMee!

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Now is the time - it's your chance to be a VIP! Filled with great benefits and exclusive rewards – check out what WeeWorld’s NEW VIP experience offers. Get even more details here.


You've been automatically entered to get the VIP treatment for FREE! Lucky WeeMees will be private messaged by July 17.

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