March BONUS Alert!

We're giving you a shot at 50% MORE gold when you redeem ANY WeeWorld cash card - just because we think you're awesome. Sign in and redeem any card from March 27-31 and you'll automatically get a HUGE bonus. That's 50% more gold for FREE!

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Did someone say FREE GOLD?

Did someone say FREE GOLD?

Yes, we did! 5,000 FREE gold.

Stop into your local Toys 'R' Us and pick up any WeeWorld cash card. Bring it back and redeem it on site for an extra special gold bonus, now through the end of May.

Find a local store near you

Hop into FREE gold!

Hop into FREE gold!Snag your WeeWorld cash card at any local store and redeem it this Easter and instantly get 25% MORE gold for free. Oh yeah, the Easter bunny is really delivering this year.

Get your card early and then redeem anytime from March 28-31 and voila - FREE GOLD!

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Free GOLD with Ultimate Game Card

Ultimate Game Card now Starting this week, you can score an extra 250 GOLD points when you redeem ANY Ultimate Game Card. Pick one up at a store near you and hurry back to WeeWorld to get an extra gold boost! Think of all you can purchase for your WeeMee!

Get your Ultimate Game Card now

25% more GOLD for FREE!

25% more GOLD for FREE!

It's easy to earn more with this special bonus:

1. Buy a cash card at Toys R Us, Best Buy, or a store near you
2. Redeem on WeeWorld anytime from May 18 - June 4.
3. Watch your account fill up with gold + 25% bonus gold

Voila, magic! Now, find a store near you and get started.

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