Play Jobs & WIN a VIP pass

Play Jobs & WIN a VIP pass

If you're itching to try out our new VIP experience, you can snag it for FREE when you play Jobs and spin the prize wheel. Try your luck & see if you can WIN a VIP pass for your WeeMee!

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Double XP & FREE PRIZE!Ready for a fun challenge? Play the NEW game in Jobs!  For a limited time, when you ring in your items at the boutique, Ohh-La-La, you’ll earn DOUBLE XP!

Plus, play the new game 3 times this week & earn a FREE PRIZE!

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Do Jobs: WIN BIG!

Do Jobs: WIN BIG!HOT! For a limited time, 50,000 POINTS is BACK on the prize wheel! Rock Jobs like a pro & spin the prize wheel to see if your WeeMee is a lucky winner!

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Jobs: Helper bonus

Jobs: Helper bonus

Hotness! Earn a BONUS when 10 WeeMees complete jobs for you. To get the bonus, the jobs must be completed on the same day. Hurry, ask friends to do jobs for you!

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Jobs – WIN 50,000 points!

Jobs - WIN 50,000 points!Your WeeMee can STILL WIN 50,000 POINTS on the prize wheel. But act fast – the MEGA PRIZE won’t be around forever!

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