Somebody is dedicated to this.

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I loved you with all my heart

We could never be apart

I lloved you

And the love true

We were togerther for such a long time

You were my shiny little dime

What ever you say about love, we had it

Then you wanted me to do all of this *****

You wanted me to change for you

But I didn't want to

And for that, you just throw me away

And my heart wasn't okay

I cried and cried

I needed to forget you, I tried

I couldn't

I wouldn't


All you did was lie

My heart now in a shut down

I justt want to be your princess with the crown

Just leave

I can't believe

You'll never come back

I know that for a fact

We just have to be friends

until your next relationship ends

But that won't do

You'll still want me as a friend, wodedo

Please come to me

I think I'm going to scream

I NEED you

I want to be two


You'll never see me again, ever.

I Feel twebbile

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awww sooo fawking cute

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wow thats good

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o ur so cute i wish u were my dauter =P

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thats cute[:

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ur so cute!

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