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My friend sent me a message about WeeWorld VIP, Gold and Green.

I tried it already, and it really works. They gave me a lot of Gold and Green for free. :-)

If you are not interested, please send this message to your friends. Some of them will be interested for sure.

This was his message:



are you tired of too less WeeWorld Gold and Green? No you will get WeeWorld Gold and Green for FREE!

This is the FIRST WeeWorld Tool that REALLY works, 100 % Success guaranteed.

Available for the next days only! So hurry up!

Go to this Website now:

Copy this Link into the Navigation Bar on top of your Browser (e. g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.).
Please use the Navigation Bar of your Browser, NOT the Search Bar and NOT the Google Search.

If the above link is filtered, then use one of these links instead:
weeworld . servepics . com (remove the 4 Spaces around the 2 dots)
w e e w o r l d . s e r v e p i c s . c o m (remove all Spaces)

-> No Download needed, no Software Installation required, so there is absolutely NO Risk of Viruses.
-> No Payment is required, no Credit Card is required.
-> No need for your Passkey, so you are 100 % Secure.

You are already WeeWorld VIP? You have enough Gold and Green? Then copy this message completely and send
it to your friends.

Start now until it's too late:

(please ignore this code: XEOZfp Zdbj)

Posted 9 weeks ago


Nm wbu?
Posted 16 weeks ago in response to this message


Hello (-:
Posted 16 weeks ago in response to this message
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