how too put people in your room

Posted 166 weeks ago by ItzMeh206

alot of people asked me this, so here it is! (:

Go too you’re room and click “Edit Room “ then it takes you too everything that you can buy.

there are categories, so click on the one that says “Interactive “ then it takes you too a bunch of items, then look through them, there will be these people kind of things that are blue and there are different backgrounds too them, when you pick one that you like, click it, it will appear in your room, then click on it and move it around too where you want it by clicking “position “ and when you’re done that click on it again and it will say “Add Friend “ click that and a little menu will appear with all your friends, and there is a little box that says “Enter Username “ so enter the username of your friend that you want, click on their picture and that’s it! Click “Save Room “ and you’re done! (:

But, if you want someone in your room, it costs 750 gold. ):

Hope this helped you! :D

- Sahvanna. (:

well it did but it didnt i dont hav 750 gold

Posted 47 weeks ago by brook56789