Need help with Weeworld?

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Hello there Weemee's. I have here listed down below some answers that some of you may be asking. If there is not a question that fits in this list, feel free to write to me personally and ask me your question. :D


1) How do I become an Ambassador?

- This is an answer that most people have been asking lately. To become an ambassador it takes a lot of effort and hard work. An ambassador is a person that helps other Weemee's with questions about Weeworld. So, if you have a question about Weeworld all you have to do is ask a Weemee with the globe around them and they will be happy to help you. To become one, just scroll down to the very bottom where you see a blue bar. Look through them until you see Feedback. Click it and a little box will open. Read through and find ''I want to apply to be a Weeworld Ambassador''. Click that and send them a message of why you want to be one. It's that easy! But of course, Weeworld gets a lot of mail so please be patient with them. If you see in a couple of weeks they wont write back. Than maybe your not cualified to become one. Not everyone may be an Ambassador. Just please be patient with them and accept it.(:


2) I got hacked, please help?

- This is another question that has gone around Weeworld. Most Weemee's give out there passwords to other Weemee's. NEVER do that! If you do, there is a huge risk of you loosing your account, and maybe forever. If you put in a valid e-mail addres. just go to ''Forgot username or *****?'' and follow the directions that follow. If you haven't put in a valid e-mail adress, you may contact Weeworld and ask them if they could give it back. If that doesn't work, that you've lost your luck. Sorry. If they go on your account, without changing your *****. Just go to account/help--->settings and click that. Click ''Change *****" and change it quik! Ways to know that a person is interested in hacking you are...

Passing around links to surveys that ask for your *****

Pretending to be a member of WeeWorld staff ( Real WeeWorld staff will never ask

for your ***** )

Offering to give you a makeover

Offering to get you points

3) How can I report a user?

- If by any reason you would like to report a user. Just go to Feedback. At Question 2 I listed how to get there. But instead, once the box pops up, click I want to Report Abuse to WeeWorld. Just list the Weemee's username. If you would also like to block that person. Go to seetings that is right underneith your username, go to ''block user'' and put in the username. This will not allow the person to see any of your information on your page anymore, and not send you any messages. They also may not be in your friends

list either.


4) How may I add music to my page on Weeworld?

- Well adding Playlists is easy. :DD All you have to do is, follow these steps provided:

1. Sign up & register with *****

2. Use the search box to find artists or songs you want to add to your playlist

3. Each song has a ‘+’ icon next to it. Click to add the track to your playlist.

4. Now, just keep searching for different artists or songs and add them in the same way

5. When finished, click ‘My playlists’ tab at the top of the page. This will open up all your playlists.

6. Look for the controls under your playlist. Click ‘Share’, then the blue ‘GET CODE’ button

7. Look for a box at the bottom of the section with an embed code in it. Either click the box, or, the ’Copy’ button on the right.

Now, it's time to head on over to your WeeWorld homepage and follow the steps below:

1. Click ‘Add music to your page’ link

2. Paste your embed code from in the box

3. Click ‘Add’

Now when your friends visit your homepage they will be able to hear your favorite tracks.

Playlists are only available to WeeMees in the USA at the moment.

You can only add music from on your homepage.


5) How can I get points.


There are so many different ways to get Gold Points. To start this off.... Click ''Get Gold'' at the top of your page; Near your username. You may get gold by Subsribing. This is a nice and easy way to get Gold, but it does cost money. You have to put valid information for this to work. You may also buy some with a Valid Credit Card, Paypal. and Using your Cell Phone. All of the ones that I have just listed you have to use valid information and pay. You may also earn your gold by doing offers, surveys, and videos. Now these you don't have to pay at all. They are queit easy but some of them might take longer than others, so please be patient. If you dont get your Gold soon, Just contact Weeworld and I bet they will be happy to add the Gold to your account. Another way you can get Gold is by Redeem Cash Card Or PIN. A PIN card is a card that you may buy at kmart, target, ToysRUs, Safeway... etc. All you have to do is buy it and later get on Weeworld, Go to Cash card under ''Get Gold'' and Type In Your PIN :DD That easy huh?


To get green points all you have to do is mainly be around Weeworld and Explore! The more you explore, the more green points you get :DDD


6) How can I change my outfit and look?

- If you would like to change your outfit go to your home page my clicking ''weemee'' and than on the very left Next to the button that says ''Your Room'' Click ''Change And Shop''. There you'll have all the clothes,hairstyles, accesories, foods... etc to create your weemee with :DD Make your weemee as fun and creative as you want. If you would like to change the color of skin, eyes, and ***** of your weemee; go to ''rese[[t at change in shop. it should be at the bottom with all the other categories in really small letters. Have fun :]


7) How can I decorate my room?

- First you'll have to go to your home-page. So click ''Weemee''. Right next to ''Change and Shop'' there is a button that says ''Your Room''. Go there and you will see your room. Follow the intructions given and decorate it as fun and creative as you want it! Feel free to add your friends in there too.(:


8) What is World?

- World is a place where you may interact with friends and even meet new people! To get there, Click Chat at the very top bar and pick a place to go. To add a friend at world, double click there Weemee and click Add Weemee. Dont share any personal information while your there! Have Fun being there!


9) How Can I make a blog entry?

- Well to start this off, First go to ''Blog'' at the top thing bar under chat, friends, shop... etc. Than click ''Create blog entries here in your Home'' Make an entry and write about whatever you want :DD Don't share any personal information and make it as fun and creative as you want :DD


1O) What are Achievements?

- Achievements are pretty much your achievements that you have done in Weeworld. They show you your achievements in Weeworld by trophies. Trophies are a lot more funner ways of showing your achievements on Weeworld. To see these. Click '' Achievements'' at the top. You can also see your level and friends and your progress ;]


11) What use are the Levels for?

- The levels show you how long you have stayed in Weeworld. This helps people know how long this certain Weemee has been around Weeworld. It helps you so you so you may ask these people that have been around Weeworld some help if so.

Here is a list of different activites you may do to rise your level up a lot more :DD

Sign In

Accept Friend Invites

Reply To Messages

Click The [Whats Hot] Tab

>>Click The [WeeWorld Watch] Tab

>>Click The [Music] Tab

>>Click The [WeeWorld TV] Tab

>>Click The [Cweetures] Tab

Click The [World] Tab

>>Click On Any Room && Then Exit

Click The [Gifts] Tab

>>Send Bonus Gifts If You Have Any

Click The [Shop] Tab

>>Click [Save Me]

Click The [Forums] Tab

Click The [Export] Tab

Click The [Games] Tab

>>Click On A Game; Go Back

>>Click On Another Game; Go Back

>>Click On A 3rd Game; Go Back

Click On [Get Points Now]

>>Click On The [#4]

>>Click On [Take A Survey]

Click On [My Blog]

>>Make A New Blog; You Can Delete It

>>Leave A Blog Comment. Can Delete It

Click On [My Room]

>>Click Update Room && Do Nothin Then Save

>>Click On One Of The Descriptions && Then Click Save [Dont Have To Change]

Go To Ur Main Page && Click Ur Bubble To Update It

>>Jst Click [Save && Save] Dont Have To Change

Go To [Change And Shop]

>>And Change//Jst Click Save

Click [Search]

>>Type In Someones Room

Go To Rooms;

>>Leave Comments

>>Rate Rooms

>>Pump Hearts


Well these are mostly the important questions that people have asked around Weeworld :DD I hope I have helped you guys. If these don't fit your questions, Just ask me myself and I'll help you.(:

Thank you :D


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