How to Make Symbols,,Coding,,Etc

Posted 178 weeks ago by charliegirl108

:) Just in case you ever forget.


»To make a new line, you CANNOT press enter. Do
instead. For two lines, <p>


<font color="color">Text</font>





»Striked out Text

<strike>Striked out Text Goes X</strike>



»Link (URL)

<a href="Website Link">Clickable Text leading to site</a> (<-- Also obvious haha)

»Note that you can't do this in any other place in WW besides the forums. :)


»Some basic Symbols (copy and paste)

Å Â ª Ä Á À ã à A b ß(3 B c Ç ç © ¢ C d ðÐ D e ë é ê è í € £ Ë É Ê È E f Fg G h µ H }{ i | ï í î ì ¡ ¦ Ï Í Î Ì I j ¿ J k |{ |< Kl £¿ L m (v) M n ñ Ñ N o øغ ° ¤ Õ () O p þ Þ P q ¶ Q r ® R s §$ S t ~|~ ¯|¯ T u ü ú û ù µ |_| Ü Ú Û Ù U v V w W \\v// x × X y ÿ ¥ Y z Z

æ Æ ® © ™ ¿ ? ½ ¼ ¾ ¬ ¨ ¯ • « » ¹ ² ³ ‡ † þ Þ ¤ § ± ÷

»To copy/paste, select the character and highlight. Then either right click copy, or press Ctrl+C. Click where you want to put it and right click paste, or Ctrl+V. You probably new that already but still. ^__^

»These links will give you copy and paste-able symbols but it's not on the WW site. It may log you out, but I don't think so.


?*`•.ï ?ø?e ï ?el?e?¸.•*?