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Basic WeeMee Questions Asked -

(Becoming An Ambassador)

If you want to apply to be an Ambassador you need to click the 'Feedback' button located on the top and bottom of the screen, then press "I want to apply to be a WeeWorld Ambassador" and tell them all the reasons why you think you'd make a good Ambassador...And if they think you'd make a good ambassador they'll contact you sometime between two weeks and a month because they have alot of email to go through...Just be patient :]

(A Bit More About Ambassadors)

So for some reason everybody thinks that we can give out points, delete peoples accounts, fix tech problems, get back hacked accounts and things like that...We can't...Basically we're here to just answer your questions...And we don't get free points or anything like that...We work for free. :]


People you give your precious and private pàssword out to are most likely to steal your weeworld account than give you a 'makeover' or 'FREE points'. Please do not fall for these so called 'Hackers'. They're just fooling you if you give your pàssword out to them. Just think of this question.. "Would you really give your pàssword and personal details to a stranger?"

(What To Do If You Get Hacked)

The first thing that you can do is check to see if they have changed your pàssword. If so, go to the main login page of weeworld.com. Once there, go to the top right hand side and click on the link that says exactly 'Forget your Username or *****?' or go directly to this link: http://*****.weeworld.com/login/forgot.aspx . Simply type in your email address that your first created/set up your weeworld account with; below in the text box where it says 'Email' and click 'submit'. Weeworld will shortly or better, instantly send you an email with your new pàssword.

(How To Change Your Pàssword)

If you look inside the top right corner and underneath where your username, level, and your points are, left from the logout button, there is a button that says 'Settings' just click on it and then once you're at the settings menu just click on 'Change My Pàssword'. Fill out all of the required, then click "Save" and you're pàssword will be changed ... But please remember that the best way for people not to find out your pàssword would be to NOT GIVE IT OUT in the first place.

(Common Ways Of Getting Hacked)

Passing around links to surveys that ask for your pàssword

Pretending to be a member of WeeWorld staff (real WeeWorld staff will never ask for your pàssword, EVER)

Offering to give you a stylish new makeover

Offering to get you green/gold points

Asking to do glitches to get exclusive items

Asking if you could hack their bubbles + page

If anyone asks you to give your pàssword out for those previous things, just simply say no thank you in a polite manner and tone. If anyone decides to be rude and mean about you not giving you're pàssword out please contact a weeworld ambassador or weeworld itself to sort the situation out.

(Blocking And Reporting Users)

For any reason or another you don't want anything to do with a certain user (they're spamming, sending chain mail or just being a jerk) go to settings (underneath Hi [username]) and click on "Settings" then where it says "Blocking" then type in the username of the person you want to block and they will be removed from your friends list and cannot see your page or leave messages. If you think a person has gone too far (asking for pàsswords, sending sexuàl messages) You can also report them. To report someone you go down to the bottom of the page till you see "Report Abuse" then you need to click that and complete its questions. If the matter is serious enough WeeWorld may delete the account or just tell you to block them...But remember if you're reporting somebody for no good reason it could end up with your account being closed!!

(Things That You Can't Do)

I'm sorry but WeeWorld doesn't allow the transfer of points from one account to another, users to change their names, or sell items you've bought...

(Buying Items For Your Room)

To get new stuff for your room just click on "My Room" then once you're there click "Edit Room" then once you're done click "Save Room" and you're all set.

(Changing Your Clothes)

Just click on "Change And Shop" on your homepage and then choose the clothes you want to wear and then click "Save Me Now!"

(What Are Chat Effects?)

Chat Effects are actually sold inside of certain parts of "World" as "Power-Ups". These are things like signs that say "Flirty!", "Add Me!" or "Single!" or items like shopping bags or a DJ backround and cost anywhere between 3 and 80 green or gold points. =]

(Getting Gold Points)

The only way to get gold points is to buy them, take a survey, or do an offer.....You can't get points by sending a message around WeeWorld, there are no cheats to earn you thousands of points and never give your pàssword to anybody...Ever! They won't give you points.....All they'll do is steal your account and make you look like a fool...

(Earning Green Points)

The best advice i can give you is to just click on everything xD...But for specifics, click on "What's Hot" then click "WeeMee Watch", "Music" or "Entertainment"....I think these give you points but I'm not entirely sure..But I know for a fact that they give you level boosters! :D..But other then that just leave messages, PnR rooms and leave messages in said room, Play a game! (but remember you don't get extra points no matter how high you score), Get a trophy, Change your outfit, send a WeeWorld card to a friend, Post in the forums (but please remember to post inside the right sections and post something other then "asjdgsdfs" or "wat?"), Write a blog, and other then that...Just enjoy all that WeeWorld has to offer! And if you do this everyday you can earn up to 900 green points a month! :]

(How To Get A Higher Level)

This works a lot like earning green points...Just by clicking everything you'll earn level boosters. But the fastest ways to level up are by: Buying gold points, earning trophies, and PnRing rooms :]


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