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(-_(-_-)_-)Hey everybody I just wanted 2 spread the love 4 the next 30 days I will be leaving a new tip in your room . Let's stay in touch. Pls return the Favor
Posted 4 hours ago


Happy Sunday my friends. Here is a riddle 4 U 2 think about. "What Heavy 7 letter word can U take away 2 letters and it makes eight? Ans in my small Bubble
Posted 1 week ago


l just wanted to say hi and share this Rebus. The answer is in my small bubble.LOL

Look closely, what does this say?.....10AC
Posted 1 week ago


ô¿ô. Hey friend,.. I have a little challenge 4 you. I have a hidden message in my small bubble. See if you can figure it out.. So let' I hope you enjoy it. :-
Posted 4 weeks ago



Posted 5 weeks ago


how you been tho?
Posted 7 weeks ago in response to this message



If you need help or have a question, feel free to drop it here. I'll get back to you with my best answer as soon as I see your message.

If I'm not online, scroll through the rest of my page or in my blog to see if your answer is there. You can also check out the list of Ambassadors below for more helpful Weemee's who might be able to help you.

You can always ask AskAmbassador your question for an even faster response by the Weeworld Community.

Page Guidelines

Please show respect for my page and follow these guidelines;

Add me to talk with me - I accept everyone
No spam
No plees for my account
No trade requests
No makeover requests
No rage messages or random hate
I do not vote in the Fame Game
I do not look at Galleriers
No dating requests, I'm not "single bb"
No copying my exact look, bubble, name, or any of my likeness
Post something that breaks the rules? I'll report you.

Just be nice, and I'll be nice to you.

- Skitty
Posted 26 weeks ago


Ambassador List - December 2015

Active Ambassadors:

EmOGaNgStEr11 {Shane}
daniellie99 {Danielle}
cam0flauge {Cameron}
Olivia739_0693 {Viy}
TheRealChanelle {Chanelle}
samanthaidek {Samantha}
naomi1444 {Naomi}
SILVERlovesYOU {Alexis}
PuraVida {Xiomara}
suchablonde22 {Alexandria}
leelooann {Kara}
Jabriacutiepie {Cierra}
Skylarcx {Savannah}
crazypoophead {John}
AlbinoBarbie {Amber}
Modehfy {Arturo}
Rosivel {Rosie}
queenpenguin7 {Jasmine}
123 meghan 321 {Cassidy}
xxDiego103Lovexx {Diego}
emiIygirlxD {Em}
cutiepink20 {Lorin}
hottiebody423 {Jill}
redheadruby {Ruby}

Inactive Ambassadors:

Dylish873 {Cecelia}
Sauliia {Nicholas}
PurPlePeacesign5 {Jamie}

List credit: cam0flauge
Posted 26 weeks ago



Ambassadors are special Weemee's here on Weeworld that are here to help you! You can tell if someone is an ambassador if they have a big Globe behind their Weemee.

To become an ambassador you must be picked by Jake (WeeworldAmbassador), the head of the ambassador team. Some things that can increase your chances of becoming an ambassador are:

- Be helpful - everywhere you go
- Be active, educate yourself about Weeworld
- Follow Weeworld's Terms & Conditions
- Report & Block disrespectful Weemee's
- Patrol in World and report those breaking the rules
- Look around Weeworld for pending questions
- Post helpful information on your page and answers questions from other Weemee's
- Be geniune, and help to help!

If you're serious about becoming an ambassador, some bonus tips are:
- Be knowledgeable, type professionally and clearly.
- Experience is key; you have to know Weeworld to be able to answer questions about it.
- Typically ambassadors are at least 13, however there is no age limit.
- Level up, a higher level shows more experience
- Be involved in all new things Weeworld has going on
- Be unique, go beyond the minimum, and stand out from the rest.
- Create your own tips and answers, a copy is never as good as an original.

Remember, not every helpful Weemee will get to become an ambassador, but you don't need a globe to help!
Posted 72 weeks ago


Stay safe

Remember it's against Weeworld rules to give out personal information. People you meet on the internet never need to know anything more than your first name and state/province.

Also, never give out your login information to anyone. This keeps your account safe and secure. Anyone who offers anything that requires them to know your login info is most likely attempting to steal your account. It's against the rules to share login information, so keep you and your account safe!
Posted 85 weeks ago
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