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omg hey i remember you!
Posted 6 hours ago


Hey there! Need help or have a question?

Feel free to drop your questions here. I may not get back to you in time due to my busy schedule, however when I log back in I will be sure to give you my best answer.

If you're looking for a faster response, ask any of the Ambassadors (list below), WeeworldAmbassador, or any other helpful Weemee your question.

You can also check out the rest of my page, blog, and Weeworld Help site for more helpful information about Weeworld.

Happy Holidays :)
Posted 8 hours ago


Updated Ambassador List:

123--meghan--321 (remove dashes)
Naomi14_44 (remove underscore)

Please note that some Ambassadors may be on break and without their globes.
Posted 29 weeks ago


FAQ's about Unavailable items:

Q: I see people with items that say Unavailable, how do I get them?
A: People that have items that are unavailable have items that are no longer available in the Weeworld Shop. These items were available a couple years ago, but Weeworld swapped them out for new items. There is no way to get an unavailable item unless you have previously bought themt. The AIM store still has some free items though that you can get whether it's in the shop or not.

Q: Can I gIitch to get them?
A: No. Anyone that "gIitches" is breaking Weeworld's rules, and most likely just wants to steal your account. Do not accept any such offers.

Q: The hair you have is amazing! Can you give it to me?
A: No. This hair is apart of the Gossip Girl collection with was removed 3/4 years ago. Since I have had this account since 2010, I was able to buy it when it was in the shop. There is no way for me to give it to you, I do not support gIitching and will not put my account at risk.
Posted 44 weeks ago



Ambassadors are special Weemee's here on Weeworld that are here to help you! You can tell if someone is an ambassador if they have a big Globe behind their Weemee.

To become an ambassador you must be picked by Jake (WeeworldAmbassador), the head of the ambassador team. Some things that can increase your chances of becoming an ambassador are:

- Be helpful - everywhere you go
- Be active, educate yourself about Weeworld
- Follow Weeworld's Terms & Conditions
- Report & Block disrespectful Weemee's
- Patrol in World and report those breaking the rules
- Look around Weeworld for pending questions
- Post helpful information on your page and answers questions from other Weemee's
- Be geniune, and help to help!

If you're serious about becoming an ambassador, some bonus tips are:
- Be knowledgeable, type professionally and clearly.
- Experience is key; you have to know Weeworld to be able to answer questions about it.
- Typically ambassadors are at least 13, however there is no age limit.
- Level up, a higher level shows more experience
- Be involved in all new things Weeworld has going on
- Be unique, go beyond the minimum, and stand out from the rest.
- Create your own tips and answers, a copy is never as good as an original.

Remember, not every helpful Weemee will get to become an ambassador, but you don't need a globe to help!
Posted 45 weeks ago


Stay safe

Remember it's against Weeworld rules to give out personal information. People you meet on the internet never need to know anything more than your first name and state/province.

Also, never give out your login information to anyone. This keeps your account safe and secure. Anyone who offers anything that requires them to know your login info is most likely attempting to steal your account. It's against the rules to share login information, so keep you and your account safe!
Posted 58 weeks ago


Reporting & Blocking

If someone is bullying, staIking, or just outright bothering you, you should block them.
To block someone:
- Go to your Settings
- Go to the Blocking section.
- Enter in their user and they will no longer be able to contact you.

If the situation is more serious is the user is breaking Weeworld's Terms and Conditions, you can report this person to Weeworld.
To report someone:
- Go to the Help Center
- Click Safety
- On the left side click on Report Abuse to Weeworld
- Scroll down and click Report Abuse.
- Enter in the person's usern and a brief description of the situation.
A report will be sent to Weeworld, they will automatically be added to your block list, and Weeworld will take action if necessary. Remember to be careful with reporting, because false reports can result in YOUR account being closed.
Posted 58 weeks ago


Tips to level up faster

Here are some ways to earn the maximum amount of level boosters daily!

1 . Click On Home (Earned When Logging In)
2 . Edit Your Bubble
3 . Change Your Outfit
4 . Send 5 - 10 Homepage Messages
5 . Visit Other Weemee's Homepages
6 . Click on World (Select A Chat Area)
7 . Click On Gifts (Send Gifts)
8 . Click On Shop (Change your Weemee)
9 . Click On Forums
10 . Click On Export & Send An E-Card
11 . Play Two Games
12 . Click On My Room (Change & Save Your Room, Rate 5 - 10 Rooms, Leave 5 - 10 Room Comments)
13 . Click On Achievments (Click On A Person In Your Top 20 List)
14 . Complete Trophies in Achievements
15 . Make A New Blog, Leave A Comment In Your Blog (You May Delete It After)
16 . Complete Offers And Earn Gold
17 . Spend Your Gold On New Items
18 . Buy Gold
Posted 58 weeks ago



Buying a VIP Memberships gives you exclusive access to all kinds of extra stuff for your Weemee.
When you're a VIP you get:

- 5,000 Gold points every month
- Free VIP gift every month
- No banner/video ads
- 1 bonus room to decorate
- Extra trophies and rewards
- Access to VIP-only chat areas in World
- Interactive backgrounds
- VIP-only items in the shop

To become a VIP, you must purchase the membership.
- Roll over "Get Gold"
- Click "Upgrade to VIP"
- Choose your membership type: (Monthly, 6 Month, or 1 year)
- Choose your payment option (Paypal, credit card, or Booku for one month membership)
- Proceed with your purchase
Your VIP membership should take effect within 48 hours.

To cancel your VIP membership, go to Settings and then Cancel VIP.
You will continue to remain a VIP until it expires (it will tell you the date).
Posted 58 weeks ago


Weeworld Help

For helpful tutorials and guides, check out Weeworld Help:
(link must be typed, will not work if you copy and paste)
Posted 59 weeks ago
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