• For parents

Children 12 and under need their parent or guardian's consent to join WeeWorld. Parents and guardians must register with their email.

About WeeWorld

WeeWorld is a free game where kids can express themselves and have fun. Kids create their WeeMee, play games, and make friends. They earn green points by completing jobs and can use them to buy items for their WeeMee. Gold points can also be purchased to access exclusive items and special games.


WeeWorld is a place for fun and games, but it's also a place where kids learn as they play. As members of a growing community, kids learn about responsibility and building friendships and develop important social skills through creative role play. As they communicate, kids practice and hone their reading and keyboarding skills. By accumulating and spending green points they earn or gold points they buy, they practice math skills and learn about money management. At its core, WeeWorld helps kids express and develop their personal identities as they learn and grow.

Why do we charge for some items?

WeeWorld is free. Kids can earn green points to buy items by completing tasks and jobs on the site but we do charge for some items using gold points. This is to help keep WeeWorld running. Parents can buy gold points for their kids by upgrading their child's WeeWorld account to a VIP subscription. VIP subscribers get a range of benefits including:

  • No banner or video ads*
  • 5,000 gold points & free gifts every month
  • Access to special gear for their WeeMee

VIP subscriptions offer the best value. Gold points can also be purchased a la carte. Click here to get more info. (You will need your child's WeeWorld account details to log in.)

*For our WeeMees 12 and under, age appropriate ads are displayed via one network only and no information is tracked.


WeeWorld has partnered with leading moderation specialist Crisp Thinking. We use a combination of filters and automated moderation alongside human review. Our team of moderators also review every report sent by users and takes the appropriate action. We partner with parents to help protect children. You will find privacy settings on your child's home page allowing you to control who sees and interacts with them. WeeWorld takes your child's safety seriously. We want to help you guide your children in the online environment. By registering with WeeWorld your child agrees to follow the code of conduct. This includes never sharing their password or account details. To find out more click here.

Safety tips for parents & children

  • Never give out your password, WeeWorld staff will never ask you for this information.
  • Never give out your personal information online including your name, school, address, phone numbers or other contact details including IM.
  • Never use your real name as your username.
  • If you're worried about something that happened on WeeWorld go the help centre safety section and report it.
  • If you are worried about something that happened online talk to a trusted adult.
  • Always treat other WeeMees with respect. WeeWorld doesn't tolerate bad behaviour or bullying and your account may be closed.


At registration your child provides a username, password and date of birth. They will need your consent and as parent or guardian you will need to provide your email address. We aim to collect the minimal amount of information necessary to provide our service. You can learn about information we collect and how we use it in our privacy policy here.

If you would like to review your child's information please email us at parents@weeworld.com.

If you would like to delete your child's information or close their account please email us at parents@weeworld.com.

Please read our Terms & Conditions here.